10 Reasons to Invest in SOR

  1. Market Leading Value for Money.
  2. Strong Residual Values.
  3. Exceptional Thermal Efficiency*.
  4. Revised building techniques mean SOR Trailers are extremely durable with reinforced sidewalls and floors, an extending threshold into the floor from the rear frame for added support, 1200mm stainless steel crash plate at the rear for additional floor protection, 450mm of Pallet Protection on Sidewalls and Galvanised Metal Roller Buffers all coming as Standard.
  5. Considerably low maintenance, repair and parts prices saving you money long-term.
  6. One of the best lead times in the industry – with builds for the UK market being prioritised at our factory over in Valencia, you won’t have to make unnecessary spends on Trailer Rental and will have your trailers in a matter of weeks.
  7. UK Based and Controlled Parts Stock with next day delivery on the majority of our parts if ordered before 2pm.
  8. We offer an extremely competitive Part-Exchange Service meaning valuable time and money will be saved in fleet disposal.
  9. With our in-house finance provider http://reefergroupfinance.com/, we offer Market Leading finance packages on any new purchase easing cash flow.
  10. We tailor the specification to your operational needs whilst providing maintaining a focus on lead times.

At SOR, we move forward with you, we’ll be here to assist your business in any way possible before, during and long after you choose us as your preferred refrigerated trailer manufacturer.

*In 2012, a Neutral European customer carried out a fuel consumption trial with trailers of an identical age, trailer specification and fridge specification (all having only done commissioning hours) from Krone, Schmitz and SOR. With a setpoint of -20C over a simultaneous period of 24hrs 15mins continuous runtime, it was recorded that the SOR was the first of the three to reach -20C and the SOR was in fact the only trailer to reach -20C at the rear internally – the temperature in the Schmitz and Krone trailers did not reach below -18C at the rear. At the end of the test, the volume of fuel remaining for each trailer was measured with the SOR having the most fuel remaining, followed by the Schmitz and then the Krone. It was calculated that over 1,500 hours of use (standard annual use in the UK), the SOR would use approximately 585L of fuel less than the runner-up being the Schmitz. Over a period of 5 years at 1,500 hours per year, an SOR could potentially save you just over 2,925L of fuel in comparison to a Schmitz Trailer.